3 Home Remedies for Cold Curing

Home Remedies for Cold Curing:

Getting cold is quite common and it has got lots of medicines and syrups out there in the pharmacies to get rid of. But there are Quick Home Remedies for cold that can be done from your home without having to spend lot’s of money for it and expecting to get well the next day (may be you will have your date the next day!!!). best of all it can be done staying back at home that having to go meet the physician (You see we need to save you some money after all). You ask me How to Cure Cold?? Let’s have a look at some of the best Home Remedies for Common Cold.

1) Warm Fluid:

Yes you read that right Warm Water and Steam can be great to cure cold and they are one of the best home remedies for cold curing. Drinking warm water can help you ease flushing out the waste out from your body.

Did you know what is the reason behind having your nose running when you are in cold? here is the fact its because your body is working to expel out the virus from your body system.

Warm Water and Honey along with lemon can be great way to help you remove virus that causes cold out from your body system and is good for Cold Treatment.

Its better to have some fluid say “Chicken Soup” this helps in nourishment while having a big heavy appetite can do no good at this period of time.

2) Steam:

Steam is one of the best home remedies for cold curing. If you have ever had steam while getting you facial and steam bath you should know how it makes you sweat out?? So having a steam can be great way to get rid of Cold.

1.Take some water in a big bowl or a pot and heat it up.

2. Add some vaporizer or humidifier to the water.

3. Cover yourself with a blanket with the face in the bowl so that no steam basses out from the blanket (make sure to keep distance from hot water, so that you don’t get burned with hot water )

4. If its irritating breath slowly and this will make you sweat out helping you get rid of cold.

3) Home Remedies for Cold Eat Spicy and Watch out:

Eating Spicy food can help you from discomfort. Clean your nose more often and try to keep your place clean and sanity. Cleaning your nose often also helps to get rid of cold virus that’s present in your body. If these does not work and the cold continuous consult your doctor and get treated. Thus these were some of the home remedies for cold curing.


Watch out for what you eat during cold, avoid having edibles that can increase your cold. Try to consume more fluid and if you need something to eat can try out some hot chicken soup and foods that are rich in protein and also consume more of the foods that are very rich in vitamin c. You can check out some of the foods that are rich in protein here and for food with high Vitamin C here.

These are some of the ways that can be used from your kitchen as home remedies for cold curing. And its always advisable to consult your doctor before you take any treatment that you are nor comfortable with.


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