Dhoom 3 Movie to break all records !!!

Dhoom 3 Movie and Krrish 3 the next biggie’s??

Dhoom 3 movie is the next big thing in Bollywood as far box office collection is concerned??With Chennai express doing  its best at box office collection crossing Rs.100 crore mark in just 3 days from the day of  its release the movie has already broken all previous records of Salman khan’s “Ek tha Tiger” and Aamir khan’s “3 Idiots”. The previous record breaking collection was in the name of 3 Idiots making over  Rs.202.47 crore, where Chennai express has  already grossed the whooping Rs.202.67 crore’s breaking all previous records with collection . The next two biggies expected in this year to make new records with collections are Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming super hero action thriller Krrish 3 which is set to release this Diwali and Aamir Khan’s most anticipated and muct awaited sequel of movie Dhoom i.e Doom 3 movie. Both Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 are set to release later this year and both have very high expectation among their fan’s already. With Chennai Express creating new records with collection the critics and movie analysts feels that Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3 can be much bigger than Chennai express.

Dhoom 3 movie already breaks a record

If sources are to be believed Dhoom 3 movie which is produced under Yash raj banner has already got an offer to sell their satellite rights of the movie for a whooping Rs.75 crore rupees. If this happens this is going to be new record for the Indian Cinema previously the movie whose satellite rights were sold for big price was Salman Khan’s Dabang 2 which was Rs.44 crore . Where the satellite rights of the movie Chennai express’s satellite rights were sold at Rs.40 crores which is far lesser than what is offered for Dhoom 3 movie.

Dhoom 3 Movie Trailer made inside a secret room:

Recently Aamir has written on Facebook that the movie is all set to its final stage and he is very much excited for the release of the film. Seems the team is now working on to promoting the film to its best. Dhoom 3 movie trailer was recently released last week which showed the motion poster of Aamir Khan has already gone viral on Social media creating high expectation among the viewers so does the trailer of Krrish 3. Sources closer to Aamir Khan revealed that Aaditya Chopra has created a secret room to make the trailer and poster of the movie Dhoom 3 the only other two persons allowed to enter the room apart from Aaditya Chopra and Aamir are the people who are working on creating the posters and trailer of the movie. This is to make sure the piracy of the Dhoom 3 Trailer and posters are well maintained and are not leaked over the internet. Aaditya Chopra and Aamir Khan wants the posters and trailer of Dhoom 3 movie to be a suspense to the fans until its not release officially. So that the team can work on promoting the film till its release. Dhoom 3 Release Date which is on the day of Christmas, 25th December 2013.



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